Chicago Blackhawks V.S L.A Kings.

By: Stephon Smith

In Chicago IL, moments ago the Chicago BlackHawks had play against the L.A Kings as today. The score was 4 to 4, until both teams had made it to double-over time, and the Chicago BlackHawks had one with an extra point to the score.

It was a really good game. All Blackhawks fans were excited and all cheered up at the game. One of the players on the BlackHawks team said “we don’t want the season to end now. We’re having too much fun playing.”

The blackHawks are really doing good this season, as in they made to win the game, and trying to make it to the Stanley Cup. The Blackhawks went up to 3-1 only 1:17  later. Let’s go Blackhawks! All fans are ready to see their team make to the finals and celebrate for the Chicago Blackhawks. We all are looking forward to seeing the Blackhawks take over this year. Good job, and keep up the good team work Chicago Blackhawks.

By: Stephon Smith

Blackhawks are in it to win it

By Jennifer Okoro


Just last night the the Chicago Blackhawks after double overtime ,They played against The Los Angeles Kings .

Which means that the Chicago Blackhawks are still alive in the western conference .  It as a tough game said some of the players but the Blackhawks still overcame . 2 OVERTIMES , thats crazy which means not one of the teams wanted to give up or quit they were all in it to win it  .

The Chicago head coach , Joel Queneville  said ”  That might have been the greatest overtime i’ve seen ”  The player Sadd didn’t want to loose his motivation along with the rest of team caused them to win .

Hawks Still Flying

By Isaac Martinez

Chicago, IL – Hawks just won 5-4 over the Los Angeles Kings allowing them to remain in the Wester Conference finals. Thanks to Micahl Handzus scoring at 2:04 of the second overtime. Brandon Saad held the puck along the right wing below the circles and dished ahead to Handzus who controlled the disc for a second before lifting a backhander under the crossbar to the end the contest. For Handzus, it was his first career postseason overtime score, and just his second playoff game-winner after recording the goal in a 1-0 Flyers victory against Ottawa in the 2033 second round.

Blackhawks still in line for Stanley Cup

By Dewayne Thomas

Chicago- The Chicago Blackhawks defeat the L.A Kings 5-4 in double overtime at the United Center moments ago to keep their season alive. With 2:04 left on the clock, Michal Handzus took a dime from Brandon Saad who was double teamed, leaving Handzus open for the game winning goal.  “Two guys went on him and I got open,” says Handzus. And was it a beauty. “We don’t want the season to end now. We’re having too much fun playing,” Saad admitted. Brent Seabrook, Johny Oduya and Ben Smith also scored and Patrick Kane notched a career playoff-high four helpers. Corey Crawford was kind of off, but helped a bunch with 40 saves.  We’ll see the Kings again in Game 6 in L.A. Should be a good one.

Blackhawks best game against the Kings

-Sheila Ramos

      The Blackhawks played against the Los Angeles Kings at the United Center on Wednesday night with a win of 5-4 on double-overtime having their second win out of six games total and will be playing against the Kings this Friday.

   Michel Handzus making a good pass to Brandon Saad making the lucky shot at 2:04 of the second overtime.


Win or go Home BlackHawk

By: Evans Teiwayo

Chicago, IL- The Blackhaws won in double overtime in the united center when the score was 4-4 when Michal Handzus to make it 5-4 vs the Los Angles Kings.

if the Blackhawks lost, they have to go home when we will have to be all bum out but as we all know we Chicago will never give up. The blackhawks will play at Los Angles in the game 6.

The way how the blackhawks beat the Kings is that Brandon Saad gave an assists to Handzus when the defender left him alone when saad pass it to him which we score. That how they score and won the game. 


Blackhawks win 5-4 in double-overtime to stay alive

By Izzy Aziz

Chicago – The Blackhawks scored a 5-4 victory over the Kings Wednesday to stay alive in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Michael Handzus scored the winning point at 2:04 in the second overtime, at United Center, to play in the Stanly Cup playoffs. The games were hard but fun, according to some of the Blackhawks players and are reluctant for the season to end.

Chicago had been terribly losing in the first half against the Kings, but had upped their game in the second half.